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Published: 17th February 2011
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My name is Adam, and I'm a spec-a-holic!

Today, as part of my pre-deployment preparation I was due a routine eye evaluation with the Optician. This is often fairly dangerous for me as it involves trying NOT buying any more spectacles. I must have 8 or 9 pairs on the go at the moment, ranging from low cost and nasty 'utility' glasses, reaction lens mountain bike goggles, through to a set of £450+ titanium & polycarbonate monsters.

Vision Express in Stamford, UK was my port of call - A community dependable Ophthalmic dispenser and stockist of row upon row of shiny frames. The eye examination went very well and I was subjected to a whole range of extra tests I've never had before, including the one where they blow air into your eye which made me emerge from the equipment with eye-water (not tears) streaming down my face ;)

Then the fatal slip ... 5 minutes to spare whilst my the Optician passed my particulars to the assistant. Sauntering up the display cabinets I could sense the 'O' monograph of the Oakley customized logo, dragging me in .... It had me.

A few moments later and I had chosen a new frame, the Oakley Rough House (Black.) A chunky (ish) frame it is built of lightweight, stress resistant, durable acetate. Given my work, my glasses go through some quite rough times so it is imperative they don't snap at the 1st hurdle, the frame feels very well made with engineered arm hinges.

According to the Oakley sales pitch "A high-energy laser with a pinpoint beam creates the stem art on this durable acetate frame. ROUGH HOUSE is heat adjustable and comfortably lightweight, and we constructed it with a Three-Point Fit that keeps the optics precisely aligned. Those angled icons that set the look apart are made of C-5™ alloy, and they’re part of a five-barrel hinge design that can take its share of abuse. Oakley UNOBTAINIUM® gives the stems a soft surface that actually increases grip when you perspire."

Despite their well engineered and 'rough' looks, they are really light on my face with the 3-point fit hugging my head lightly keeping them in position no matter how hard I try and shake them off. I see a promising long term ahead for these frames, they may even oust the Titanium ones as my No1 pair; stay tuned to find out.

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